How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp from iPhone, Android, Web, and Desktop

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Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and
note-taking apps
are great for saving links, files, messages, voice notes, etc. However, that’s not possible with the instant messaging apps since they don’t let you message yourself. To change that, the WhatsApp developers add the capability to message yourself on WhatsApp.

Almost every WhatsApp user has either sent a message to an alternate number for keepsakes, read or see later. You need not forward or send chats to another person or number. For now, WhatsApp lets you message yourself using the app on mobile apps, Web, and desktop apps.

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What Is WhatsApp’s Message Yourself Feature

It’s a note-to-self kind of feature wherein you can message yourself like having a regular chat. That means, you can send text, media files, and contacts, jot down a quick note, or save important web links on WhatsApp.

This new message yourself feature of WhatsApp is available for its official apps on Android, iPhone, web and desktop apps. We’ll show how to message yourself on WhatsApp. Before we begin, ensure that you’re running the latest build of WhatsApp on mobile and desktop

How to Send a Message Yourself on WhatsApp for iPhone or Android

Step 1

: Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android.

Step 2

: Tap the New Chat button.

  • On iPhone, it’s at the top-right corner.
  • On Android, it’s placed at the bottom-right corner.

Step 3

: Tap your name, under the ‘Contacts on WhatsApp’ section.

Step 4

: Type your message and hit Return to send a WhatsApp message to yourself.

The Message Yourself feature like any other WhatsApp chat. After you start one, go to the conversation to send yourself a photo, document, location, contact, and
voice notes

Things you can send to yourself on WhatsApp

Of course, the Payment option isn’t available with Message Yourself. So you can’t send yourself money. However, you can host a poll just for yourself, intriguing, right?

Get Name Instead of Number in Message Yourself on WhatsApp

If you see your number in the WhatsApp message yourself option instead of your name, that’s probably because your contact information is not stored and synced with WhatsApp. You can either go to Contacts and key in your details or do it from WhatsApp itself.

Step 1

: Open WhatsApp on your phone, go to the conversation, and tap on your number on top bar.

Step 2

: Next, tap Edit in the top-right corner. Or you may tap Contact Details.

Step 3

: Type in your contact details and tap Save.

Save your contact details on WhatsApp

If you can’t access the Save option, tap Add Field and then select a field of your choice (you can type and delete info to leave the field empty). Now, tap Save.

How to Manage Messages to Self on WhatsApp

Interestingly and thankfully, WhatsApp allows you to:

  • Search
  • View media, links, and docs within the chat
  • Mark and view starred messages
  • Change wallpaper and sound
  • Manage media settings
  • Send disappearing messages to yourself
  • Export chat
  • Clear chat
Manage Self messages on WhatsApp

To access these settings go to the self-chat window and tap your name from the top bar. Here, click on the desired setting.

If you often tend to message sensitive information to yourself, we recommend that you enable
disappearing messages
feature while messaging yourself. That’ll save you from any sort of embarrassment or privacy mishap.

WhatsApp Yourself From the WhatsApp Web or Desktop App

Before we proceed, open WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop and log in.

Step 1

: Click the New Chat button from the options on the top.

Tap New Chat button to send a WhatsApp to self

Step 2

: Next, select your Name/Number from the contacts.

Select your name to send a message to yourself on WhatsApp

Step 3

: Type in the message, record audio, or share files with yourself.

WhatsApp Yourself from WhatsApp web

Notably, WhatsApp web and the desktop app sport similar interfaces. If you’re an avid WhatsApp web or desktop app user, do check out these
amazing shortcuts for Windows and Mac users


1. Can you share media files with yourself on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can share images and videos from your Camera Roll, use Camera for fresh images, or even forward media or links from other WhatsApp chats.

2. Why can’t I send messages to myself on WhatsApp?

You might be using an old version of WhatsApp. As the feature is recently introduced, ensure that your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version.

Send WhatsApp to Yourself With Ease

As they say, better late than never. Finally, you can message yourself on WhatsApp. We think it could have been a win-win situation if we could send money to ourselves.

There are workarounds to achieve that, but an official feature would be the cherry on top of the cake. How would you rate the current feature? And what other features do you wish WhatsApp launches soon? Tell us in the comments.

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